Arabic & Persian Refugee Churches, Middle East

Serving close to the beginning of the refugee highway provides a remarkable opportunity to bring life to the oppressed.  The government here provides few services, and so refugees are largely left to fend for themselves. Many of those we serve will never make it to the West.  We have planted three churches among Persian and Arabic communities that currently total 150-200 people.  We have many programs investing in men, women, and children, and focus on development work helping people to take steps forward out of poverty.

A safe place to turn in the face of fear and rejection.

Being Jesus' hands and feet.


The Team in the Middle East are looking to raise $10 000 to go towards the important work that they do.

1) Arabic Fellowship - $5,000
2) Life Development to help families step out of poverty - Average of $2,000 per family.  
3) Launching an Afghan Moms-N-Tots program - $3,000