House of Welcome (HoW),Sydney

The House of Welcome (HoW) works with vulnerable families and individuals seeking asylum who live in the community and are at risk of destitution without access to many other forms of support. HoW embeds the values of welcome, respect, connection and empowerment in all areas of practice and project development and works with all asylum seekers and refugees regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, nationality or religion.

HoW provides transitional housing, financial and emergency assistance, advocacy and casework support, community activities, material aid and skills development courses to community-based asylum seekers.

The Welcome Feast is a suite of projects that connects people seeking asylum and the wider Australian community to exchange culture and an understanding of the refugee journey through conversations and the sharing of food. The Welcome Feast has grown beyond the weekly community lunch that the House of Welcome provides for clients, to respond to corporate catering requests, pop-up dinners and cooking classes for school students and organisations wanting to incorporate the program into their social responsibility frameworks.  

Often, the process of determination of asylum takes many years. This uncertainty is a key factor in the declining mental health of asylum seekers. The Welcome Feast program assists participants by enabling them to make a positive contribution while waiting. The welcome Feast provides an alternative focus for the trauma they have experienced and increase their access to social experience and employability. In the long-term, this will reduce the reliance on welfare support once a positive visa outcome is determined. Over the last year, 600 people have attended cooking classes to learn the techniques and traditions of our Chefs. There were 10 corporate catering events, with one event including a three course meal for over 100 people and most recently a catering booking for 200 people with a law firm.

The House of Welcome would like to see $20,000 raised for the Welcome Feast Project.

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