Il Soggiorno, Rome

For the past four years, our drop-in day center, called Il Soggiorno, has been a safe space where refugees, immigrants and Italians can develop relationships that express the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

We exist to...
1. ...demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ through our actions, attitudes and words.
2. ...develop relationships that reflect Jesus' clear command to love our neighbor.
3. ...provide support for the education and integration of refugees and immigrants in Rome.
4. affirm the dignity of all people as beloved sons and daughters of God.
We see thousands of refugees come through Rome each month, and we want to play a small part in their journey.  We serve tea and biscuits during open hours and volunteers are available for language tutoring in English or Italian, paperwork help, help searching for jobs, or just relaxing and playing games. Often these practical acts of help lead to deeper discussions of faith as our friends search for meaning and hope in their tumultuous lives.  
It takes only 500 Euro ($802.50) a month to run the center, but we need your help to stay open for this coming year. The funds will go to keeping Bibles in the languages of our refugee friends stocked, provide biscuits and tea during the cold winter months, and will pay for other expenses related to running the refugee center.   
Cover Photo: Volunteers sharing the love of Christ through Bible study and games at Il Soggiorno