The InterTreff, Reutte, Austria

The InterTreff (in English means Inter-Meeting place) is a place of encounter and exchange for and with Refugees.

The InterTreff consists of three rooms

  • An office for International Teams in order to answer questions about the asylum system
  • A community room for international encounters
  • An interdenominational prayer room, which is the heart of the InterTreff.


There are regular visits by asylum seekers and refugees in order to write job applications together, additionally we help to fill out formulars, looking for appartements, furniture, clothing etc.

The prayer room invites people from different nations to get into a personal quiet time with God as well as to worship and pray together. Together with the local church we organize 24 hour prayer times.

In the community room asylum seekers, refugees or people who have a short-term residency permit have the opportunity to build friendships, practice their German or just to sit together while drinking a cup of tea, coffee, playing games and keeping up their social life. We mostly value your prayers for this project. Through RIDE we want to raise funds for the following: 

  • Farsi Speaking community with bible classes, food, other kind of help (dentist) and support - $ 1,500
  • Farsi Speaking community bible school with DVD, books in Farsi and other material - $ 1,000
  • Quarterly Festival of cultures that includes Christmas and easter celebrations. $ 1,500
  • Other overheads like electricity, heater etc. $ 1,000


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