The Malawi Scholarship

At Dzaleka Refugee Camp there are 15,000 refugees who endure despairing conditions after being driven from their homes by war. Admirably, many charitable organizations help them survive by providing food, clothing and shelter. Daily life, however, does not offer a bright view of the future. Offering them hope in Jesus also means offering them a way out of poverty and oppression.

The refugees at Dzaleka are not only displaced for no fault of their own, but they are then refused access to one of the only things that can help them overcome their oppression—an education. The need for education to combat the ignorance that breeds violence and hatred towards others (tribal, ethnic, religious violence) remains the single most important activity that anyone can do to put an end to the terrible realities facing many people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

There is Hope is a local organization whose goal is to provide this much needed education. Its scholarship program has a far-reaching effect because one well-educated person will obtain a well-paid job and will support many members of their extended family. Each student is encouraged and challenged to give back to their people, especially refugees.

In the area of Education we have the Scholarship Program which allows refugees the opportunity to attain degrees and knowledge that they can take with them anywhere. We provide vocational training opportunities for refugees to learn skills in carpentry, bricklaying, tailoring and photography. We have a two year Bible School to train refugee pastors in sound doctrine and theology.

In the area of income generating work we provide micro loans to vocational training graduates, allowing them to put their acquired skills into practice.

Our Kibebe crafts department employs 40 refugees in the production of good sold both locally and internationally.

April from There is Hope writes,

"This year would love to challenge the riders to raise $8000 USD this year.  We are very excited to let you know that we selected 13 new students to our university program this year, making our total number of current sponsored students 21. Of the twenty-one students, 9 are refugees. The $8000 would cover tuition and upkeep for all of our refugee students in 2018. "


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