The Oasis, Traiskirchen, Austria

The Oasis aims to be an international team partnering with churches, both locally and globally, to walk alongside refugees, offering them the Living Water of Jesus Christ and moving with them toward an intimate relationship with Him and His people. We welcome refugees into the Oasis, our homes and our lives. We offer them a safe place where they can come and know they are welcome. We are moved to pray for and seek after God's provision for hope, food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs that the refugees have.

We receive many donations of used clothing or items from locals, that we then give to refugees through a weekly clothing day and at other times as needed. Often the needs of refugees exceeds donations and it is helpful when we are able to buy needed items to give. Thus at times we buy new underwear or other needed clothing, child prams, and sometimes luggage to give. Besides the Clothing Room, we also have programs throughout the week for refugees: Women and Children programs, Bible study, German class, Evangelistic Evening, and a Jesus Film night.


Funds raised from RIDE this year will go to:

  1. Clothing items that we give to the refugees for free (while we do receive used clothing donations, some things like underwear and certain clothing sizes have to be purchased new). 
  1. Child prams, as we regularly meet mothers with little ones who have no pram.
  1. Special gift bags for pregnant mothers, and mothers with a newborn baby. Items such as a baby blankets, bottles, and some baby clothes are preferrably purchased new and put in a special gift bag, which is VERY much appreciated by the refugee mothers.
  1. Luggage. As one can imagine, the refugees often arrive with either no luggage or damaged luggage, and the gift of a new suitcase means a lot to them and opens doors to talk to them further (as all of these things do). We do not not openly advertise the availability of luggage, but as people inquire, we respond to each need on a person-by-person basis (in other words, we do not pass out fifty each week, but rather one-by-one, to those who are truly in need of a suitcase).  

The Oasis is looking to raise 7200 Euros, which is $10,550 AUD.

ITeams Australia workers Colin & Rebekah Lyons are based at The Oasis.

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