Ride for Refugees Projects

International Teams Projects

  • The Oasis, Traiskirchen, Austria

    The Oasis aims to be an international team partnering with churches, both locally and globally, to walk a...

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  • The InterTreff, Reutte, Austria

    The InterTreff (in English means Inter-Meeting place) is a place of encounter and exchange for and w...

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  • The Malawi Scholarship

    At Dzaleka Refugee Camp there are 15,000 refugees who endure despairing conditions after being driven fro...

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  • Sydney Refugee Team

    The Sydney Refugee Team seeks to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to refugees and asylum seekers, and see t...

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  • David Field

    David has spent the last 14 years in Austria working with refugees.

    He has worked at The Oasis in ...

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  • The Hochstetter Family

    Karl & Caroline Hochstetter head up the Sydney Refugee Team (SRT) with Linda Goldthorpe, where they b...

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  • The Lyons Family

    Strategically located in Traiskirchen, 200 meters down the road form Austria’s largest Refugee Camp...

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  • Linda Whitehouse

    Linda is the Connections Co-ordinator for Sydney Refugee Team (SRT) and attends Blacktown East Presbyteri...

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  • House of Hope, Linz, Austria

    House of Hope, Linz, Austria

    We are a Jesus-inspired, love-for-the-foreigner community, in which a...

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RIDE Partner Projects

  • Carewerx, Brisbane

    Carewerx is a community centre in the heart of Logan, is a place for volunteers to connect with refugees....

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  • Lost Children of Jonglei Scholarship

    Lost Children of Jonglei Scholarships provides seco...

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  • Refugee Connect, Brisbane

    Refugee Connect is Christian based agency supporting refugees and people seeking as...

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  • HumeRidge English Centre

     HumeRidge English Centre   HumeRidge English Centre was established in 2012 to m...

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